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Elise's story

The trouble with working for someone else

Born and raised in South-West London (England), Elise gained her college Diploma in Business & Finance.  Rather than go directly to university, she took the opportunity to start working.  The first eight years were spent in mind-numbing roles and with no hope of promotion or significant pay increases, it left her feeling undervalued and rejected. The following six years were a rollercoaster of ups and downs - landing amazing jobs, being fully-funded for a Masters Degree, international travel, great money, but she paid a high price for it with redundancy, long commutes, stress, health concerns, anxiety disorders and even a course of prescribed anti-depressants.  Does any of that sound familiar?

The trouble with working for yourself

After the disappointment of working for other people, Elise bought into the "dream" of working for herself and launched her own HR consultancy business.  The money was great but the long hours and stress were not.  Where was the "autonomy and freedom" she'd been told about?   Not to mention that she was too tired to keep up with household chores or even enjoy the weekends!  This was NOT part of the plan!!

The escape plan

A friend introduced Elise to a business opportunity that offered the perfect solution to all the issues she had faced with traditional employment.  Not only could she make money, but she could build a sustainable and scalable business by helping other people do the same thing.  Better still, there was no commute, no office politics and she could work as much or as little as she wanted.  Do you want this too? 

vinnie's story

Growing pains

Born and raised in Ontario, Canada, Vinnie grew up in tough circumstances. With divorced parents, money was tight, food was scarce but despite spending a little while in the foster-care system, he graduated from school and went to college. 


Vinnie gained his college diploma with the ambition of going to university in order to qualify as a Social Worker, but a change in Degree entrance requirements stopped that plan.  Having spent much of his early and teen years hungry, it's no surprise that he wound up in the food industry!  Unfortunately, bad food and lifestyle choices led to some serious health problems

A shock to the system

In 2015 Vinnie faced difficulties at work that despite working out well in the end, raised serious questions about his employment situation, finances and life in general.  He wasn't getting any younger yet retirement seemed to be moving further away.  Living paycheque to paycheque left him uneasy about the present AND the future.  Combine work worries with money and health concerns and it wasn't a good mix.  

Peace of mind and road to recovery

Vinnie needed to find REAL "peace of mind"  for him AND his family.  He was introduced to the perfect solution - a company that offered outstanding health products that would help with some of his health issues AND a business opportunity that could earn him extra money and could fit around his existing commitments.  Check out the amazing products!

our team

Take the opportunity to reap the health benefits of Aloe Vera as a customer

We have a wonderful team who are enjoying the benefits of the products AND the generous business model.

We are all normal, everyday people who go through the highs and lows of life - just like you. There is nothing special about us. We've simply all been told about this fantastic opportunity and have the drive and determination to change our lives for the better! Want to know more but don't know where to start?